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Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120 CPU Cooler 2x Masterfan Pro

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Brand new retail boxed item.


  • Dual Dissipation- Our low-profile dual chamber pump bumps up performance and durability over our last-gen single chamber pump designs.
  • Library Quiet- A sturdy build keeps vibrations and rattle to nearly inaudible levels.
  • Push-Pull Fans- To avoid dynamic losses, the dual MasterFan setup provides added pressure to push hot air through the radiator.
  • Sleeved FEP- Underneath sleek black sleeves, FEP material beats rubber tubing in keeping liquid where it belongs- inside the cooler.
  • AMD Ryzen AM4 Compatible

Product Description

The MasterLiquid all-in-one liquid CPU cooler is custom, inside and out.
Our low-profile dual chamber pump outperforms its single chamber predecessors in heat transfer. The MasterFan Air Balance fans work with our characteristically sturdy build quality to keep this thing as quiet as a library. Kink-free, factory-sealed FEP tubing now comes sleeved for a premium look. Screw it in and experience the quiet muscle of liquid cooling without ever worrying about refills or maintenance. Enjoy the work of decades of thermal innovation.


  • Low-Profile Dual Chamber– Exclusive Low-Profile Dual Chamber design to improve the performance and lifespan of pump.

  • Push-Pull Air Balance Fans– Dual MasterFan 120 Air Balance with push and pull configuration give perfect balance of air pressure and air flow. A fan can be removed to install as a case fan if wanted as well.

  • FEP tubing– The FEP tubing allows maximum, unrestricted water flow and decreased evaporation rate for greater durability.

  • Sleeves– FEP tube come with its sleeve now, enabling your rig to stand out better than ever before.

  • Quiet Operation– 6– 30 dBA– A sturdy build keeps vibration and rattle to nearly inaudible levels.

  • White LED– Cooler Master white LED logo on the top of stylish round shape water block.

  • *AMD Ryzen AM4 Compatible*

Box Contains

120mm Radiator, 1x MasterFan Pro 120 AB PWM Fan, Dual chamber pump, Sleeved FEP tube, White LED, AIO Kit