Turtle Beach Grip Arena MMO Mouse

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Product Overview

Brand new retail packaged item.


  • 18 macro programmable buttons
  • True 8200 DPI resolution with overclock 2000hz ultra-polling
  • Dual OMRON grade A switches
  • 12 top tier tactile ALPS micro switches
  • AVAGO 9800 laser sensor - one of the most price and drive optimized sensors on the market


The Turtle Beach Grip Arena is a full-featured MOBA/MMO gaming mouse that brings together superior ergonomics, advanced design and the highest quality components and craftsmanship. Whether your game is League of Legends, DOTA2, World of Warcraft or any other game in the MOBA/MMO genre, the Grip Arena responds to your commands faster than any other standard gaming mouse on the market.


Ultra precise and lightning fast tracking

Leveraging the power of the acclaimed Avago 9800 laser sensor, the Grip Arena operates with true 8200 DPI, capturing even your slightest movements – and it operates with twice the accuracy of top brand gaming mice with a staggering 2,000Hz polling rate.


Intuitive and easy-to-use software

With the Grip Arena software you can change DPI, report rate, lift-off distance and program complex macros for every button which are instantly stored internally.


Performance scroll wheel

Grip Arena features a concave shaped, rugged performance scroll wheel with a 60% wider finger traction surface compared to a standard gaming mouse.


Rigorous switch testing

The Grip Arena uses Omron switches for the main buttons which are individually tested both by hand and by computer to ensure perfect performance every time.


Thumb panel

The 12-button thumb panel features Alps micro switches, the best brand in the industry for quality and tactile feedback on every click. They are also illuminated by a 6-zone LED array making custom illumination effects possible.



The ergonomics have been thoroughly tested and improved by our dedicated gamer and design team ensuring that every curve, feature and button placement feels just right.


Design and styling

Grip Arena is an exquisitely looking gaming mouse constructed in high quality thermoplastic polymer surface treated with a sweat dissipating coating. It features 8 individually programmable LED zones, model emblem and a front grill forged in aluminum.

Falling in love with Grip Arena is easy – fortunately, it will love you back.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review