Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure Handheld Hoover Compact Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Overview

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Vacuum and air purifier in one

The Eufy T2520G31 HomeVac H11 Pure Handheld Vacuum Cleaner & Air Purifier is all you need to keep your home clean and fresh. Enjoy 13 minutes of cleaning time or 15 minutes of air purification, and when you run out of battery, simply use the USB charger.

It's cordless and lightweight, so you can store it without any difficulties.

Flexible crevice tool

Attach the brush on the 2-in-1 crevice tool, when you want to clean delicate surfaces as laptops keyboard. Or use the extension nozzle, when you need to vacuum under your sofa or lower furniture.

Ozone air purifier

The Ozone air purifier is perfect when you want to freshen things up. Simply put it in your closet or small area and tap the switch.

In The Box:

- Eufy T2520G31 HomeVac H11 Pure Handheld Vacuum Cleaner & Air Purifier
- Brush attachment
- 2-in-1 crevice tool
- Micro-USB charging cable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review