Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset With Touch Controllers System

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Product Overview

  • Offers optimal sharpness and latest optics
  • Oculus Insight Tracking eliminates the need for external sensors
  • Ergonomic design for perfect hold
  • With Oculus Touch Controllers, you can transfer your hand movements directly into the virtual world

Oculus Rift S with Lenovo design instantly immerse you in a thrilling PC-based gaming experience. Enjoy your action adventure with lenses with optimum sharpness and latest optics. The improved, comfortable design allows you to start with the gaming experience faster and play longer. The Oculus Insight tracking system lets you move in any direction in your playing area. External sensors are unnecessary. No complicated setup is necessary. Direct action and interaction with our updated Oculus Touch Controllers right out of the box. Dive in and experience a completely new VR gaming via the PC connection.

Top VR Games Library
Make your way through the VR world and use our games library. The Oculus Rift S is suitable for hundreds of games and specials already available at the Oculus store. And that's just the beginning.

Improved optics
Dip into the VR with advanced optics and a sharper display, and experience bright, vivid colors and a much lower fly screen effect.

Ergonomic design
The new style of carrying strap lets you focus on your game. The Rift S sits securely and ergonomically, its fit is easy to adjust and allows for intensive gaming.

Oculus Touch controller
Use the improved Oculus Touch Controllers. Your beats, throws and grips are displayed in VR with intuitive, realistic precision and your hands and gestures are directly integrated into the game.

Oculus Insight tracking system
Oculus Insight takes you one step further. It translates your movements in VR, no matter in which direction you look, and offers Roomscale tracking without external sensors. Look around, go into cover and turn the leaf in battle in your favor - everywhere in your playing area.

Powerful VR gaming on the PC
Take full advantage of your PC's potential. The Rift S allows high-performance VR gaming on your PC. Experience impressive graphics and exciting game plays on the desktop or laptop after a quick, easy setup.

Advanced Rift platform features
Take control and take advantage of the improved features of the Rift platform. From Home, you can create, customize, and make an appointment with friends. With Dash, your apps and the PC desktop you are always within reach - no matter where you are in the VR.

Built-in sound
Experience what was happening around you with integrated audio. The Rift S headset has a positional audio system so you can listen to your teammates without headphones and see who's wearing them from behind.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review